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    Winning DOW Signals Review

    Click below to visit the website

    Key Info

    Publisher:  None specified
    Cost:  Options from £25 – £95 per month depending on services – Performance Related Payment schemes are also provided
    Review Date:  September/October 2010

    What It Says On The Website

    Tina Turner eat your heart out – Winning DOW Signals claims to offer “Simply The Best End Of Day & Intra-Day Trading Signals You Will Ever Find”. In this review we look into the End Of Day signals to provide some form of validation of this claim.

    The “strategies are proven in all market conditions and performance has been consistent over a number of years” and the “end of day trades are 100% Set & Forget”.

    End Of Day Signals

    There are three separate services here, DOW Swing, DOW 50 Point and Forex Set & Forget.

    DOW Swing Signals “attempt to capture gains over the course of a number of days” with a view “to achieve a profit in excess of 100 points per trade”. Signals are sent between 9pm and 10pm and the service claims to average 200 points per month.

    The DOW 50 Point (Scalp) service is a “short-term” trade that is usually complete by the time the London market opens the next day. Signals for this service are sent at 9pm (UK time), average return £360 month.

    Forex Set & Forget Signals “cover 4 Forex pairs and are send each evening between 10pm and 11pm (again UK time)”. This service claims to average 250 points per month.

    Intra-Day Signals

    Intra-Day Levels – A service whereby “levels” are provided each day for the DOW, FTSE and 6 Forex pairs “where profitable trading set-ups are most likely to occur”.

    Trade alerts are sent throughout the day between 8am and 830pm and provide cover for the DOW, FTSE, Forex, Oil and Gold markets.

    With so many services on offer we chose to focus on the End Of Day signals as these are more pertinent to our style of trading and of more interest to the majority of our members. We will therefore not comment any further on the Intra-Day Signals.

    Full results for the DOW services from 2007 and for the Forex services from 2009 are provided on the website. All services show a positive annual return with the exception of the DOW Swing Signals in 2010.

    All services can be experienced for 4 weeks for £9.95 by filling in the Trial Request form on the website.

    The Services

    The DOW Swing Signals

    Signals come through between the hours of 21:00 and 22:00 UK time. The signal can either be an instruction to Open a position at market (an Entry guideline is specified as is a Stop and Target), action for an Open a position or No trade. When a new trade is opened, more often than not details of a second order are also provided, perhaps around 100 points away from the first entry thus adding to the open position at a “better” price if the trade goes the wrong way. With this in mind, typical Risk:Reward works out around 1:1.5. These are signals best reacted to immediately as positions are opened at the current market price.

    The DOW 50 Point (Scalp) Signals

    This time signals typically turn up just before 21:00 UK time. No entry price is specified but a Target of 50 points is set (this is based on IG Index prices for the Index). For the Stop there are two proposals, Option 1 = 50 points and Option 2 = 350 points (or no Stop at all!). From the website, it appears that Option 1 generates around 100 points a month profit or 4%, Option 2, 300 points a month. The latter is less than 2%, based on 2% risk per trade so it was a no brainer for us to use Option 1 on this basis alone. Again, signals are best reacted to immediately as they are also opened at the current market price.

    The Forex Set & Forget Signals

    Probably the simplest and most straight forward of the 3 services. Signals are clear, Currency pair, Trade direction, Entry, Target and Stop. Place the orders, Set & Forget. Typical Risk:Reward is around 1:2. Signals usually come through between the hours of 21:30 and 22:30 UK time. With up to 6 trades (not 4 as per the website), expect to spend 5 – 10 minutes entering orders and double checking them. On occasion price can be reasonably close to the current market price so it’s best to react to these within an hour or so.

    Note: The vendor also issues what seems like a bonus Sunday Evening (Forex) Gap service. The timing, just before 22:00 UK time on, surprisingly, Sunday evening, was not a suitable time for any of us to use and analyse the performance of this service. However, we can note that Entries are at current market price and a Take profit price is specified. A Stop of 50 pips is suggested as is re-entry 50 pips further away than this if it is taken out, so not a straight forward Set & Forget without some good order management.

    Can It Work

    We ran these services for 2 months, September and October, our analysis follows.

    The DOW Swing Signals

    Our first signal was a Sell on Wednesday 8th September which was taken out on Monday 20th September for a net loss of -260 points. Our second signal, again a Sell, was issued on Tuesday 12th October and, again, taken out on Thursday 4th November for a net loss of -260 points. Thus, overall we made a net loss of -520 points on this service during our 2 months exposure. These are in-line with the actual results reported on the vendors website.

    The DOW 50 Point (Scalp) Signals

    In September we took 11 trades, 5 were losing trades and 6 were winning trades – We made a net +49 points. In October we took just 5 trades, 2 were losing trades and 3 were winning trades – We made a net +71 points. Based on a 50 point Stop and 2% risk per trade this was a net return of +2% and +3% respectively. This also seems to be in-line with the results published on the website for the same period.

    The Forex Set & Forget Signals

    In September we took 57 trades for a net profit of +24 pips. October was slightly quieter with just 34 trades but a much more impressive +394 pips profit. Our average Stop loss was around 30 pips so this is a net return of 25%+ over the 2 month period. Again, these also seem to be in-line with the results reported on the vendors website.

    Note: Due to the way the vendor reports results (on a 4 week basis) it was not a straight forward exercise for us to reconcile our results. We were not provided with a daily break-down for the DOW 50 Point and Forex Set & Forget services.

    In summary, the DOW services disappointed during our 2 months exposure but the Forex service was much more rewarding to say the least, all for 5-10 minutes effort each evening. Our +394 pip month does seem to be the exception rather than the rule but with only 1 month of drawdown in June 2010 (assuming all historic results are accurate) of around 4% it does seem the more attractive of the services we looked at. At £25 a month it is also at the lower end of the vendors pricing structure. The main downside here is that historic results only date back 12 months, to October 2009.


    Usually within 48 hours and to the point.


    • All services are reasonably straight forward to operate.
    • The Forex service seems the most attractive.
    • A 4 week trial for all of the services is available for what seems a reasonable £9.95.

    • The DOW services disappointed – One shows an actual loss to date for 2010 and the other a 10% profit based on a 50 point stop and 2% risk per trade.
    • The DOW services also require instant reaction to execute at market.
    • Would like to see reporting on a monthly, rather than a 4 weekly, basis.

    Do remember, your comments are important – If you have used or decide to use this service, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

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    Systems For Traders had to be rebuilt in 2013

    This is a selection of key posts and comments
    From the original forum (2010 – 2011)



    As promised, here are our Forex Set & Forget Signals (part of the Winning DOW Signals service) results for November:

    We took 54 trades for a net loss of -358 pips. Our average Stop loss was around 30 pips so this is a net loss of around -24% for November. Based on the website results this is the worst months performance for this service since it was started and to be frank, is shocking.

    It means that after being +25% over two months we are now just above break-even over 3 months. We will report back at the end of December.



    Here are our Forex Set & Forget Signals (part of the Winning DOW Signals service) results for December:

    We took 34 trades for a net loss of -15 pips (lets call it breakeven!).

    This also means that we remain at breakeven after 4 months after being +25% after 2 months at the end of October – We will not be reporting future results for this service, suffice to say the results on the website during our exposure appear to be realistic and achievable, unfortunately for us this means zero profit after 4 months.



    I would like to share my experience with the relatively new FX Longer Term trade signals.

    First of all, I wrote to WDS to get the FX Longer Term trades historical results since they are not on their website. I’ve been told that “The figures for*our EOD Longer term trades*are combined with Forex Set & Forget figures on the results page”, fact I was not aware of!

    So on their result pages for 2011, the column “Forex Set & Forget & EOD” encompasses the “FX Set&Forget” trades AND the “FX Longer Term” trades results! It’s not mentioned anywhere on the page!

    Here are the figures for the EOD Longer term trades I’ve been provided by WDS:

    4 weeks ended:

    25/3/11 = 257

    22/4/11 = 665

    20/5/11 = (308)

    17/6/11 = (15)

    15/7/11 = 461

    12/8/11 = (246)

    This is a total of +814 pips.

    Now BEWARE with these results : while they do look very attractive, the risk:reward ratio for this type of trading is very high (can be as high as 3:1)!

    I’ve been testing the FX Longer Term trades for the last 2 months and the average risk:reward ratio is 2.4:1 and the figures do not show yet the loss made on the 15/08 which is almost 1,000 pips!! 5 lost trades with a stop on average of 200 pips! (and a target of 75 pips).

    So since the reward:risk ratio is quite poor and the stop is far away, losses hurt a lot!

    I’m now discarding the “FX Longer Term” trading signals to only trade the very profitable Sunday gaps and the FX Set&Forget signals which seems to be profitable over the long term (and with a much lower risk:reward ratio than the FX Longer Term trades)!

    In addition to the high risk:reward ratio, one of the other drawback of the FX Longer Term trading method (over the FX Set&Forget trading style) is that trades are usually carried over a quite significant period of time (days, even weeks sometimes). And the carrying cost can add up significantly and dent your profit or increases your losses!



    The Forex Longer Term Trades had another terrible month, I’m glad I stopped trading these signals for good! I suggest people not to trade them, as I’ve explained why in one of my previous post.

    I’ve been trading FX Set&Forget, Sunday evening and Monday morning trades (+ some intra-day signals) and I’m very satisfied of the level of service (given the price) and of the performance!!

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    Systems For Traders had to be rebuilt in 2013

    This is a selection of key posts and comments
    From the original forum (2012)

    Old Buxtonian


    I’ve been trading the FX EOD Set and Forget signals almost every day in January and am currently down around 240 pips.

    I accept WDS has losing months from time to time but what I’m concerned about is losing runs and drawdown.

    During this week, I’ve had 12 losing trades out of 13 and lost 355 points.

    What is the longest losing run you’ve experienced with these signals?



    I’ve been trading WDS FX EOD signals since July last year (2011). I’ve been in profit or breakeven each month but December (200 pips loss) and January (250 pip) loss. Therefore the max drawdown I’ve experienced was about 450 pips.

    My conclusion is that this system does look profitable in the long term but that we’ll have to be prepared to some drawdown. I’ve factored in my bank and mind a potential 500 pips drawdown. In 2011 the worst month has been a 500 pips loss in Apr. This is exactly what is happening at the moment but I’m confident in this system so I do not panic.

    Moreover a long losing run is usually followed by a winning streak.

    Also these results are easier to stomach if you trade the sunday eveing gap and Monday Morning signals because they have been also very profitable (check WDS website), even if there have not been many of these signals in the last few months.

    Old Buxtonian


    Hi Fiscelan,

    Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to reply.

    When you’re on a losing run it’s very easy to lose sight of the long-term, think that the system doesn’t work and cut your losses.

    Your reply has encouraged me to continue trading the system and contribute to this thread.

    I joined WDS on 1st January and have traded the following signals on all but 3 trading days in January and achieved the following results:

    FX Set & Forget: -349 points

    Sunday Evening Gaps: +42 points

    Monday Weekly Set & Forget Morning signals: 0 points

    I missed a 50 point profit trade on the FX Set & Forget signals on one occasion because I entered the “Good Till” time incorrectly when placing my order but apart from that I’m really pleased that the risk of making mistakes with these signals is minimal.



    My results for the month of January follow:

    FX Set & Forget: -310 points

    Sunday Evening Gaps: +71 points

    Monday Weekly Set & Forget Morning signals: 0 points

    Yes we’re in a bad losing run at the moment with the FX Set&Forget. I’ve also read another thread on the same signal provider and people were also experiencing some bad losing run just to get after a very nice recovery.

    Also I recommend not putting more than about 2% of your trading capital at risk! For the FX EOD signals, the stop loss is on average 30 pips.



    I’ve stopped using W.D.S services: even though I accept that ANY system will have bad patches and bad periods,the FXSet&Forget drawdown (about 1,000 pips since November!) is simply too much for me to keep believing in this service.

    It casts a serious doubt whether EOD signals can really work.

    Old Buxtonian


    Here are my results for the FX Set & Forget & EOD service since I started using it on 6th January.

    I’ve aligned my results with those on the WDS website to make it easier to compare them with the results reported by WDS.

    4 weeks ended

    29/01/2012 -199 points

    26/02/2012 -320 points

    Given the large drawdown since I started using the service I was very tempted, like Fiscelan, to call it a day but have decided to persist as these signals have a consistent, long-term track record of generating around 1500 points per year.

    I’ve since been rewarded with 133 points in the past week.

    However, I have stopped using the Sunday Evening Gaps and Monday Weekly Set & Forget Morning signals, as they are impractical for me to trade.

    Old Buxtonian


    I use IG Index (like WDS) but whatever I do, I cannot get close to the results WDS are achieving.

    They were kind enough to supply me with their trades for the 4 weeks ended 25th March. During this period they achieved a profit of 295 points compared to my profit of 71 points, a difference of 224 points. When I analysed the results, I discovered that 135 of their points related to 3 trades that they never advised. A further 30 of their points came from trades that I placed but were not executed. In all, they advised 43 trades and I was only able to replicate their results on 21 of the trades. Like you, whenever my result does not match theirs it nearly always works to my disadvantage, ie the losses are greater and profits are smaller!

    During the 4 weeks ended 22nd April, WDS achieved a profit of 440 points whilst I achieved a profit of 196 points! I’ve not asked WDS for a detailed breakdown but I suspect some of this difference was due to the fact that I didn’t receive their email on two consecutive Thursdays.

    To date, my results compared with WDS are:

    4 Weeks Ended

    29/01/2012 = 99 points loss (WDS = 140 points loss)

    26/02/2012 = 320 points loss (WDS = 270 points loss)

    25/03/2012 = 71 points profit (WDS = 295 points profit)

    22/04/2012 = 196 points profit (WDS = 440 points profit)

    YTD = 152 points loss (WDS 425 points profit)

    In conclusion, I’m not confident that the results WDS report can be replicated but I’m continuing with the services for the time being and will continue to report my experiences here.

    Old Buxtonian


    Here are my results compared with WDS for its Forex Set & Forget signals:

    4 Weeks Ended

    29/01/2012 = 99 points loss (WDS = 140 points loss)

    26/02/2012 = 320 points loss (WDS = 270 points loss)

    25/03/2012 = 71 points profit (WDS = 295 points profit)

    22/04/2012 = 196 points profit (WDS = 440 points profit)

    20/05/2012 = 312 points loss (WDS = 70 points loss)

    YTD = 464 points loss (WDS 255 points profit)

    The trend of being unable to match WDS reported results has continued.

    Since 20th May, I have lost a further 272 points.

    My experience of using these signals since 6th January is as follows:

    Losing trades 119 (average 28 points loss)

    Winning trades 68 (average 36 points profit)

    Win ratio = 36%

    Overall result = 736 points loss.

    Since I started using the WDS Forex Set & Forget signals my trading bank has fallen by 90% and given that I don’t any confidence in matching their reported results, I have decided to call it day.

    I hope my experience will serve as a warning to others that whatever results any service claims to have achieved you should not assume that you can achieve the same, even if you follow their trade instructions to the letter!



    Hi OB,

    Yes I’ve never managed to have the same results as them with IGIndex even if I was placing their trades as soon as I received them (for the FX set&Forget evening trades).

    I’ve also noticed in their trades that some that have hot my stop losses did not in WDS case because it seems they are taking the mid price instead of the buy/sell price, and thus ignore the spread. But this is wrong to ignore the spreads, obviously…

    Best of luck with them. I’ve stopped using them after losing quite a bit of money between last Nov and March 12…



    Of course its unfortunate but for sure your posts have been invaluable – We thank you for sharing your experiences and we are sure they have been appreciated by all members.



    If anyone claims they are getting anything close to the profits being reported by WDS on their intra-day signals then I seriously recommend taking with a huge pinch of salt.

    I’ve been following for a couple of months and I’m at my PC at all times so see the prices that are available and they bear no resemblance to the entries and exits being reported.

    They also report a number of ‘missed trades’ each day which of course are very profitable and incredibly they add these mysterious winning trades to their reported profit & loss figures.



    Thanks for that update we are sure it will be useful, if not at least an additional caution, to others considering this service.

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    We recently received an email from Winning DOW Signals claiming:

    – We are now 6 months through the year and our end of day signals are showing a profit of 6,284 points and our intra-day signals are showing a profit of 24,925 points – 31,209 points in total!

    We asked 4 days ago for a statement from their live account on the basis they must surely trade these wonderful signals – We are still awaiting a reply.

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    So if i understand it right they are dishonest ?

    Best regards

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