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Systems For Traders | Tunnel Trader Review – John Piper

Tunnel Trader Review – John Piper

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    Tunnel Trader Review – John Piper

    Click below to visit the website

    Key Info

    Publisher:  Media Empire
    Cost:  £177 with a 40 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Review Date:  July 2011

    What It Says On The Website

    John Piper will more than likely be familiar to most, if not all, of you. Think; Way To Trade, Profit Before Work, Trade Maker, Big Call Service, POM Trading, etc. The Tunnel Trader, his latest product, has been produced by a publisher new to us, Media Empire.

    The headline for this system is to “Set two invisible ‘tripwires’ in your PC and you could turn every £30 you have into £630 – in just one day!”. You do not have to be a computer expert, take huge risks, there’s no overheads and no hours of DVDs. Just one step by step blueprint, 15 minutes before breakfast, during your lunch or even after dinner.

    There is big emphasis here on turning £30 into £870, £300 into £8,700 and also £3,000 into £87,000 (a 2,800% return). The point being “If you win, you win BIG, and if you lose, you lose SMALL”. This system may “lose 3 out of 4 times” but if the “stake is £150 and I’m gunning for £750 on each occasion … I still walk off with £300 profit”. So, “you must be comfortable with the idea of losses”.

    A bonus strategy (20x secret) is also provided, on which you should “expect to lose money again and again”. But, when it works, “£10 will turn into £200 …”.

    One thing we really have to highlight here is the Green, Yellow, Blue question and answer exercise on the sales page. To ask this question of someone who is capable of using a Credit card is a complete insult to say the least. It is probably the most condescending sales copy we have ever come across.

    Onto that guarantee, it’s a 40 Day Money Back Guarantee, 10 days to read and absorb and 30 days to put it into practice, and it is backed by Media Empire.

    The Material

    A 125 page manual of which the first 6 chapters are devoted to introducing the reader to Binary betting and it’s done reasonably well.

    Chapters 7, 8 and 9 expand on the Tunnel bet, the one which will be used, and the 2 strategies, Set Up 1 and Set Up 2. Both can be used on the FTSE or the DOW.
    Chapter 10 focuses on the 20x (secret) Wall Street system.

    The rest of the manual contains additional theories, suggestions and ideas relating to Binary betting. This being John Piper there is also of course the customary reference to barbequed King prawns, 1st page of Chapter 15 if you missed it.

    However, overall the manual does explain Binary betting and the 3 core strategies reasonably well. Rule bases for all strategies mean they are 100% mechanical.

    The System

    As mentioned above there are 3 separate strategies; Set Up 1, Set Up 2 and 20x Wall Street. Set Up 1 & 2 can be traded on the FTSE and/or the DOW, we chose just to trade the FTSE.

    Set Up 1

    This method is the easier of the two time-wise. For us it meant checking if there was any Major (Red) news due out at 09:30 (the most common time for important UK news releases). We preformed the appropriate checks at 09:00 as per the manual and placed the appropriate bet if one was available.

    Set Up 2

    This method is a little more complex. It is not 5 minutes a day at a fixed time and it is the reason we committed to just trading the FTSE version. We found we had to be around much of the time between market open and 13:00. After Market open this system is reliant on specific price action occurring. A specific bet type, if available, is then placed following a return to parity (FTSE returns to its Opening level). Of course sometimes the criteria is met within an hour or so of the Market open but more often than not one has to be around much longer awaiting that return to parity. This of course sometimes doesn’t happen at all.

    20x Wall Street

    This system is operated at 14:30 every day and then every hour or so after that point in time. The aim is to sell a specific bet at 95 or better, so the return is always 20 times the stake (+1900%), hence the name of the system.

    Can It Work

    Set Up 1

    Simple to implement and the one we liked the best. A 5 minute job once a day at 09:00 is sufficient when trading the FTSE, place the trade, Set & Forget. All trades we took were for the recommended Risk:Reward of 1:2.5. In total we had 2 winning trades and 8 losing trades for a net return on account of -4% based on 2% risk per trade. Our average selling price was 75.

    Set Up 2

    Not so simple to operate as Set Up 1 (or the 20x Wall Street system). It took up the majority of our time. We took 6 trades, we had 2 winning trades and 4 losing trades for a net return on account of 5.5% based on 2% risk per trade. Average selling price was 78. Again, the recommended Risk:Reward was the same as Set Up 1, 1:2.5.

    20x Wall Street

    We must first point out that we only traded this system at 14:30 each day, we did not check back every hour or so as suggested. This was because we had already devoted sufficient time to the other strategies and had to draw the line or we would have had to spend all day on this one review.

    The system is reliant on hitting at least 1 winner a month (assuming there are 20 trades a month). That said, there are not 20 trades a month (when trading at just 14:30), more often than not there are no appropriate trades available. A volatile market is required, as is the patience to deal with many losing trades. Will you be lucky enough to get enough bets on and come out with more winners than losers over a 12 month period. Perhaps you will, perhaps you won’t. In our opinion either outcome, a case of luck, one way or the other.

    Note: We took 7 trades in July and had no winners.

    In summary, three 100% mechanical strategies which have downsides compared they are related back to the sales copy; much more than 15 minutes per day and none of them recommend trading for a 2,800% return (in fact the two core strategies recommend 250%). For us, based on the time we would need to commit, there is just not enough here for us to justify continued monitoring.


    We had no reason to contact support so cannot comment.


    • Easy to set up.
    • 100% mechanical systems.

    • More screen time required than expected, due to Set Up 2. Certainly more than 15 minutes and for sure not before breakfast unless you have breakfast at 09:15.
    • Not very often we let sales copy irk us but this one did. Condescending and wholly inaccurate especially if you consider the 2 main strategies are based on a recommended 1:2.5 Risk:Reward, completely negates the headline “you could turn every £30 you have into £630”.

    Do remember, your comments are important – If you have used or decide to use this system, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

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