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Systems For Traders | Ten Minute Trader Review – Matthew Bird

Ten Minute Trader Review – Matthew Bird

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    Ten Minute Trader Review – Matthew Bird

    To The Best Of Our Knowledge This Service Is No Longer Available

    Key Info

    Publisher:  Agora
    Cost:  £247 with Agora 30 day guarantee
    Review Date:  June – August 2010

    What It Says On The Website

    Headline here is “Secret ‘fall-out’ signals made me enough cash in one month to take my daughter on a 5-star trip to Florida”. This “strategy is for busy people who’d like to make an decent extra income without giving up their lives to get it”. Matthew made over “£17,000 in my spare time after I came home from my mind numbing job”.

    Matthew Bird was a “desperate single dad” who suffered “years of frustration with money-making schemes”. He used his sister as a guinea pig for his system and “after I spent an hour showing my sister what to do, she made £3,107 in her first month” spending 10 minutes a day after 7:00pm.

    The system can be used in your spare time in the evenings, “even if you’re ‘brain dead’ after work” and even “while running a bath”. “Just 10 minutes in the evening (between 19:00 & 20:45), and you’re done … That’s start to finish – from switching on your PC to placing a trade”.

    “The ‘fall-outs’ let you pick up £270 – £770 a week in your spare time”. To do this:

    • There’s no figuring out, no thought required
    • No need to understand the market, or why it’s moved
    • No need to know about complex graphs and charts or technical jargon
    • No need to keep checking your computer

    Just “flick your PC on, go to ONE website, run a check against 6 ‘secret’ signals, and that’s it”. The signals are easy to spot, as easy as identifying whether a dot is above or below a pair of straight lines.

    Guarantee’s are abundant, 30 day no quibbles money back guarantee, “If you don’t see at least £500 profit in your account after 4 weeks of test-driving this and getting used to it, you can walk away and not owe me a penny, now or ever” and “I guarantee you’ll at least DOUBLE your money within three months of being a 10 Minute Trader”.

    This is “The nearest thing to get paid for betting the sun will rise tomorrow”.

    The Material

    Bang on 100 pages, the 10 Minute Trader manual introduces with “How ‘fall-out’ signals could make you £150 – £750 tax-free income a week, from your home, from your office, even from the beach”.

    The foreword expands on the profits both Matthew and his sister have made, the latter, £3,107.18 in her first month having deposited £2,000 of her own money into a trading account after just 3 hours tuition. This grew to £35,000.81 in a few short months.

    The remainder of the 30 or so opening pages discuss what you need, how to open a BetOnMarkets account, how much money you can make and which instruments can be traded. DOW, S&P and FTSE are the main focus and you can also use GBP/USD should you wish.

    10 pages are then devoted to chart set-up (very easy), the main requirement being able to add 3 Moving averages to a Daily price chart.

    Half way through the manual we come to the strategies of which there are six (they are referred to as ‘Secret signals’). Some of them are straight forward and easy to understand, some, somewhat more complicated. The theory is that you look for each of the signals each day for the DOW, then S&P and then the FTSE. Once you find a trade you stop and just place the first one you come across.

    The last three chapters elaborate on Fixed Odds trading as well as some Money management advice. No more than 10-20% risk per trade is advised.

    The manual is reasonably well written but struggles at times to get the strategies across. For example, one of the Secret signals (4 Part c) we didn’t understand at all. To use Secret signal 5 you need to incorporate Secret signal 6, so they were in fact one.

    The System

    As mentioned above, this offering consists of numerous ‘Secret signals’ that take a while to decipher and get clear. Our usual approach to get all our rules on one side of A4 took a good hour or so, we got there in the end! We would say that these systems are not for a complete novice. Sure, some would be able to cope, but we would suggest there are easier starting blocks than this.

    All of the systems use the BetOnMarkets No Touch trade except one, which uses the Barrier range. Quite easy to grasp when an entry is and where to place the levels if you have prior experience of Fixed Odds trading. If you do not and you are new to trading this would certainly add to your learning curve. Those familiar with trading and technical analysis should not have much of a problem and may find it quite an interesting (newish) concept, Fixed Odds trading.

    All trades are set to run for a 7 day duration for a return of between 20-25% per trade.

    Apart from analysing the technical set-ups there is only one additional check in relation to fundamentals (upcoming important news releases).

    Can It Work

    One thing for sure is that the system takes less than 10 minutes a day, we believe this will be true for the majority who have some trading experience and even more so if they have prior exposure to Fixed Odds trading.

    We decided to trade the DOW, S&P and FTSE. As recommended, we ran through each instrument for each signal and stopped once we found an opportunity. We always set our duration at 7 days (as recommended) and we always used the higher return (25%). Our results are as follows, most (but not all – due to holidays) based on actual trades we took:

    DOW – 8 trades, 6 winners, 2 losers, a net return of -5%
    S&P – 4 trades, all winners, a net return of +10%
    FTSE – 7 trades, 6 winners and 1 loser, a net return of +5%

    Note: Had we gone for the 20% return instead of 25% it would have made no difference to our results.

    The above statistics are based on trading the system from June to the middle of August when we decided to write our review. They assume a risk of 10% per trade, the lower end of the 10-20% mentioned in the manual. This resulted in a 10% return over the 10 week period. Not too bad but at 10% risk per trade it’s a little less impressive.

    This is more likely to be of interest to BetOnMarkets die-hards looking for some ideas to enhance their existing strategies or those who are interested in some form of exposure or introduction to Fixed Odds trading based on technical analysis.

    Commentary On Advertised Performance Analysis

    We spent a little time analysing Matthews sisters impressive return of £3,000 during her first months exposure based on her £2,000 starting account.

    We made some assumptions, first, we assumed that there were 20 trading days in the month and that there was a valid trade every day. We also assumed that each trade had the highest recommended return of 25% and that Matthew’s sister had no losing trades.

    To make a £3,000 profit it means making £150 a day, thus an outlay of £600 on each trade, which represents a risk of 30% of account balance per trade. As trades run for 7 days it means that she could only have 3 open trades at any one time.

    We find it difficult to work out how these returns were made with a £2,000 opening account.

    We will be betting on the sun rising instead!


    We had no need to contact support although from what we have heard it’s quite responsive.


    • Simple to set up.
    • Less than 10 minutes per day.

    • Complete novices may struggle.
    • Actual return was low compared to the risk profile employed.
    • We cannot see how the advertised returns, Matthews sister, are achievable.

    Do remember, your comments are important – If you have used or decide to use this system, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

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    Systems For Traders had to be rebuilt in 2013

    This is a selection of key posts and comments from the original forum prior to the rebuild



    Thanks for a good review. It’s apparent that Fixed Odds BOM strategies tend to have very obscure results and so are difficult to analyse when it comes to profit and risk/reward. I have a couple of bits to add:

    – Matt’s updates: he’s published quite a few extra video clips and recordings of trades he places and opportunities for trades which clarifies the system a lot. Sometimes they could be a bit more specific e.g. he says ‘check your manual’ but doesn’t specify a page or a secret signal type. He does offer a lot of encouragement, though. It would be really good to see a lot of the tweaks in the videos integrated into a v2 of the manual (e.g. forex rules, rule-of-half details).

    – There is a dedicated BOM phone number for account support. Not sure if this is good or bad though, as you are trading against BOM in any case.

    – I found the manual quite baffling at first. I do the same procedure as ReviewTeam which is to try and distill a manual down to a single block of instructions. I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one. I still struggle with the system as I don’t follow it religiously yet.

    – Ongoing costs: after the first three months of updates, you need to pay £27/quarter for weekly email updates and access to the website video clips (and email support from Matt). I guess you only really need to do this for a while until you master the system, but it’s a cost to factor in.

    – Forex: the system also covers forex trades which are a shorter duration and seem to be more profitable. I have no records of worth yet, but will do soon hopefully.



    Hi Z,

    Glad you found the review of use and we thank you for also sharing your experiences. Apologies, we missed out the video’s bit, we did watch some and drew a similar conclusion to you.

    We didn’t notice the BOM number nor did we realise that there was a subscription option. Regarding Forex, you are of course correct, we were simply going with the manual so stuck to the indices.

    Once again, thanks, we found your update of interest and it certainly provides a greater insite into this system than our review on it’s own.

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