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Pivot Trader Review – Steve Copan

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    Pivot Trader Review – Steve Copan

    We do not provide a link to this product because Agora only provide them to those making dedicated endorsements

    Key Info

    Publisher:  Agora
    Cost:  £95 – No Money back guarantee
    Review Date:  July 2013

    What It Says On The Website

    Steve Copan is back – The man who charges £5,000 for a days’ training and has a 10 month waiting list.

    The headline for Pivot Trader states that Steve “has spent the last 6 months digging up his garden – by himself – so he can build a swimming pool underground” – What! Ah! Now we get it, it’s followed up with “all paid for by the money he banks (over 10 mentions of the word “banks” (bag, grab, pocket, bank, all words we look out for) in this sales copy – See this Forex Scam Warning Signals infographic) thanks to his own trading strategies”.

    The sales copy continues:

    • Steve has a big house and likes Jags
    • “he damn well knows what he is doing”
    • “this could be the most consistent, time saving and profitable trading strategy you EVER use”
    • “will actually help you force the market to pay you bonuses of £245, £54, £305 or £142 whenever one of the trades trigger”

    The claim is that the Pivot Trader strategy can be used on any market and takes just 20 minutes a day and will “show (you) when the markets will change”.

    No money back guarantee from Agora this time “Steve knows the strategy works” and this is not a marketing trick, not an angle dreamt up to sell more copies or a scam to get your money and keep it.

    And here comes the classic – “10 WINNING trades would have banked (there’s that word again) you a total profit – and remember this is taking into account any losses – of 212 points on one SINGLE currency pair – Trading at say, £10 a point, that’s a very nice £2,120 in your account – That works out at an extra £471 a month.” – OK, fine but £10 a point, was the risk 200 PIPs per trade and does that mean a return of 2% or was the risk 50 PIPs – How many times do we have to see this!

    XXX PIPs a month and £XX a point mean nothing without a Risk profile!

    Finally, Steve is booked up for 10 months at £5,000 a day. Now, there are only 300 copies of this strategy available (according to the sales copy) which, assuming the publisher takes 50%, equates to just less than £15,000. That’s less than 3 days work!

    As the sales copy says “you can count on Steve to cut to the crap” and he is not “looking for on award on politeness” either. We decided to adopt the same approach and based on the sales copy alone we can confirm we will not be conducting a review of this system. This is despite the fact we have all due respect for the author and we are almost certain someone else will “grab” one of those 300 copies.

    We hope you understand why we decided not to do an official review of this system – We do of course welcome comments in 6 months or so time from those who have used this system for that length of time, are profitable and will continue to use it – At that stage we will of course reconsider our decision.

    Do remember, your comments are important – If you have used or decide to use this system, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

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    Sadly I totally agree with you on this one, who in their right mind can make any kind of informed decision based on XYZ PIPs and ABC Stakes – Utter nonsense and for sure I would never buy any system where the vendor does not know how to or cannot demonstrate even the basic understandings of reporting results and/or expectations. Here! Here!

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    Has anybody actually tried this system out yet? I would be interested to know as I am thinking of paper trading this for a couple of months to see how it goes. Does anyone actually KNOW if I’m wasting my time?

    Thanks in advance,




    I have been paper trading this system since 25 Oct using twelve Major Forex pairs.
    To date, I have more than doubled my bank with 49 wins and 18 losses which I regard as being very encouraging.
    I had reservations about the System’s indicated gain/loss ratio so I have chosen to modify that on 4 occasions to align the Stop/loss with my 2% of Bank stake leaving the Target unchanged.
    The Author recommends that the System parameters are strictly adhered to but of late I am also factoring in STRONG Support/Resistance/Trend Line indications.
    Incidentaly “Orange” the Author fully explains the underlying principles of this system which made sense to me.Worthy in my humble opinion of a review by “Systems For Traders”

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