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My Easy Forex Signals Review – John Hubbard

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    My Easy Forex Signals Review – John Hubbard

    Click below to visit the website

    Key Info

    Publisher:  None specified
    Cost:  £50 a month – 8 Day Free Trial Offered
    Review Date:  February – March 2013

    What It Says On The Website

    John Hubbard (also known as Forex John (Ed – original!)) has been trading the markets for nearly 13 years and has “worked and been educated alongside full time trading veterans”. He primarily trades GBPUSD and EURUSD and his Forex Signal service is based upon “Set & Forget” as well as “Real Time” and “Technical Advice” trades focused on these instruments.

    The service claims a win rate in excess of 80% with an average 25 PIPs win per trade where the risk is never been greater than the reward.

    Membership benefits are listed as:

    • 3 types of signals covering all levels of experience
    • Daily morning predictions with Entry, Stop & Take profit levels
    • Risk:Reward of 1:1 or greater
    • Average 300 PIPs a month
    • Occasional group webinars
    • Fantastic value

    The service also claims, “Not One Losing Month Yet”.

    The Service

    The “Morning reports” (one for EURUSD and one for GBPUSD) are usually received between 08:00 and 09:00 each morning, sometimes they come together but usually separately. (In March John started to include the FTSE in the service, at no additional cost (we have included those results where applicable)).

    Each report is quite detailed, two charts are usually included (the 4 hour and 1 hour) with commentary and key levels (zones) are also identified. There is also detailed text commentary where the different types of trades for that day are discussed. Although initially the reports took a little while to get used to, after a few days and a couple of emails back and forth we got more used to them.

    The “Set & Forget” details are crystal clear. The “Real Time” details are also quite clear and require no discretion. The “Technical Advice” details are more of a heads-up and are for the more experienced trader. They are not to be followed blindly and although most members trading them should have quite similar results they will vary depending on interpretation.

    The ”Set & Forget” trades are suitable for most users, even those who have a full time job because they provide instruction to place a pending order with your broker. A specific Entry, Stop and Target is provided.

    The “Real Time” trades are slightly different as they can be enter at market trades or pending orders close to the current market price. Occasional management of these trades is required so easy access to email and your broker is a necessity. Again, as with Set & Forget a specific Entry, Stop and Target is provided.

    “Technical Advice” trades are quite different as they are based on John’s strategy (provided when you sign up) and the analysis provided in the report. Entry is discretionary based on the strategy (basically Price action and the readings of a couple of industry standard indicators around specific levels (zones)). Suggested Stops and Targets are specified to assist the analysis process.

    During the day John provides at least one update, typically around the US market open. In these he refers to the morning analysis and any trades which may have been executed or may be close to execution. This may require action by the user as sometimes management of “Set & Forget” and/or “Real Time” trades is required. Those trading the “Technical Advice” trades also get instruction/direction.

    Can It Work

    John’s official results include the Non-discretionary trade types – “Set & Forget” and “Real Time”. He reports “Technical Advice” trades separately and rightly so as there is a certain degree of discretion involved.

    We matched (give or take a PIP or two) the performance of the Non-discretionary trades in February and March, as follows (we provide a more detailed break-down in our journal (see below)):

    Feb-13  =  +170 PIPs, 6 wins, 1 break-even, 1 loss  =  +16% based on 2% risk per trade
    Mar-13  =  +130 PIPs, 4 wins, 2 break-even, 1 loss  =  +8.87% based on 2% risk per trade

    Although lagging the average 300 PIPs a month target during our exposure to this service, a 150 PIP average is solid indeed. This is from a service where, in our opinion, the vendor has demonstrated that he clearly dedicated to the cause, seems to “know his onions” and also appears to be a genuine guy (not so common in this industry!).

    We should state though that users really need to have easy access to email and their broker because even if just trading the “Set & Forget” and “Real Time” trades you do have to be around to manage them when instructed.

    John claims members can double their monthly return learning, following and using the “Technical Advice” signals. As our results of trading this aspect of the service would be a reflection of our interpretation/ability we did not trade or monitor these signals. Perhaps members of the service can share some of their experiences.

    We have enough confidence in this service to add it to our “Services We Use” list and we have started a My Easy Forex Signals Journal where, each month, we will provide a detailed report of all trades and compare our results with those published by the vendor.


    Typically useful and within 24 hours.


    • Positive and achievable results which match those reported on the website (give or take a PIP or two).
    • Risk:Reward is almost always better than 1:1 and the Win rate is high.
    • Good support from a vendor that seems to be both knowledgeable and genuine.
    • Option to learn and use the discretionary “Technical Advice” strategy rather than just following blindly.

    • Report takes a little getting used to.
    • We have yet to experience a 300 PIP month but even if the vendor can hit half that (like we experienced) no one should be disappointed.
    • May not be enough action for some, John is quite a cautious trader (and rightly so).

    Do remember, your comments are important – If you have used or decide to use this service, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

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    “Couldnt be happier John, Finished my second week of following your service with a pip count of +330 and in just 4 days. This adds to my first week tally of +157. I was digesting the morning report better this week and acting on it. You were 100% accurate on early direction all week, and once again your updates through out the day continued to keep me on the right side of the market. The tech levels gave me a number of +50 pip trades, and the accurucy of your of your support and resistance is so good it gives me all the confidance of where to trade to and from for the smaller trades . I am finding it so much easier to keep my discapline as you give such clear guidelines and I am acheiving 80% winning trades. Thank you so much for your time and effort and sharing your great understanding of the markets at a price affordable to all amazing. I know my trading is going to go to a whole new level and I am so glad I found your service. Thank you so much Simon



    Thanks for the review.

    It is not clear from Johns site what proportion of trades are entered at market and by placing an order to open.

    My concern with these types of services is no matter how quickly you are able to open the email and log in to your broker, you still risk missing some trades and sods law almost guarantees the ones you miss are the winners and the ones you get on are the losers.

    With relatively few trades during the month, it does not seem to be the type of service you would want to be sitting by a PC waiting for a trade (unless you are already of course), so if you could reliably follow it whilst getting on with your life, it could be worth a look.

    Are all of the trades based on a of 1:1 risk to reward (give or take)?

    So the results are for the trades he emails during the day and also the set and forget he sends out first thing. have I got that right?

    Could you do reasonably well just trading the set and forget trades?

    He suggests that you are often finished trading by 10am, is that what you found?

    Sorry for all the questions.






    Hi Steve,

    You are welcome, we will try our best to address you questions.

    We didn’t enter any trades at market as prices are usually far enough away to allow time for us to place orders. We were able to place these within a few minutes as we are near a computer most of the day and those with mobile access to email and a broker should have little problems.

    We did however exit a few trades at market, as and when instructed by John via an email update but again, usually we got a similar price because as above, we are near a computer most of the day.

    The vast majority of trades are better than 1:1, just a quick scan we reckon the average is around 1:1.7.

    Results are for “Set & Forget” and “Real Time” trades where specific Entry, Stop and Targets are emailed – No discretion – See our journal for a more detailed break-down (and also for the answer to your question re: “Set & Forget”).

    Finished by 10am – No not really, there is a little more involvement than that.

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for the reply. Very useful, as you say 150 points a month is not bad at all.

    How has he done this week? (mine has been awful).





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