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    This service is now closed down as John tells us that someone has been stealing his daily e-mail recommendations and then re-selling them! All seems very odd to me… Everyone was pushed to join by a certain date or the doors would be closed to new applicants etc etc and then a couple of days later the service has been closed down entirely! Surely there is more to this story than meets the eye…
    John seems like a decent guy – but not sure what’s been going on with this behind the scenes.


    Forex John

    The closing of the service:

    Evening to everyone, but also directly to ‘Stevo999′.

    I would like to reply to everyone as a whole with regards to closing down my service. Unfortunately for everyone, there has been 2 ‘members’ of my site who have been taking my strategies, reports and signals and re-selling them as their own. Despite wanting to continue my service, my whole life I have worked hard, dedicated years to learning trading inside out, and sacrificed many things to make this ‘game’ profitable. I am not (at my age) prepared to give away this information to plagiarists who are going to make 10 times as much selling this as I do, ripping people off and taking profits to do so.

    I can only apologise to ‘Stevo999′ amongst others for the timing, but after going down numerous avenues to try and stop the perpetrators, it was just not possible. With this in mind I had no option but to close down the current format and service. The past 2 weeks have caused undue stress on myself and my closest relations, and this was not why I started the service. I believe in the 10 months that this service has been active, I have proven I am genuine, honest, hardworking and more importantly a FULL TIME TRADER. I am not a marketer, nor do I make my living from selling systems or services, so to stop this venture so suddenly was not a decision made lightly. I came to the conclusion that the only way to really cause these perpetrators problems was to stop my reports and signals, and all those who had been paying them membership subscriptions would now have to take appropriate action.

    In the 10 months of running this service I have only missed 2 days of reports/trading due to severe food poisoning, so for anyone to question my motives or passion for the club is slightly insulting.

    I believe I have been ‘too open’ with how I trade, find my levels and my general ideas on trading, and this is why a small minority have chosen to take advantage of my kind nature. I can only apologise to all those genuine members, but I really wasn’t left with any other choice. I have also explained my thoughts on these 2 individuals and offered a CONTINUED LIFETIME of help to all members who have joined my service. So for any conspiracy theorists, I have not closed this down for any other reasons that explained here. The reasons are as genuine and honest as the service itself and have been explained on numerous occasions via email.

    I will leave everyone with the confirmation that you do have a mentor for life and any trading questions can and will be answered by myself as part of being a member of my signal and analysis service. I would also like to remind all people reading this, that I have been independently reviewed on several occasions, and have not only been profitable for 10 months in a row (with no losing months and a win rate of over 75% every month) but one of the most genuine if not the most genuine site regarding forex products (this very site ‘system for traders’) has used my service on their ‘systems we use’ page for the past 4 months.

    Kind regards John



    Hi John,
    No problem at all – no need for apology. In the forex world there are so many odd things that happen that unfortunately one ends up with a slightly cynical mind and looking for the worst in all signals providers and mentors etc!! Apologies if that encompassed you wrongly as it did!
    I know and 100% believe from your e-mails and comments on here etc that you are very genuine, so no problem with you at all. What a pity that some shark (as I said the fx is full of them, so I am unfortunately right to be cynical until proven wrong) has ruined your great service for all of the honest people who had signed up and you too.
    Many thanks for the continued offers of support and advice.
    Best regards for the future


    June 2013

    Unsuitable markets (for Set & Forget and Real Time trades) means that we report no trades in June for this service which is now, sadly, no longer available.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank John for providing his service. It was a pleasure getting to know him personally and also having the confidence in him, his ethics and his abilities to add him on our Services We Use list. We will close this journal by pointing you to John’s final post – on this subject and wish him all the best for the future.

    Thank you John.

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