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    Forensic FX Review – Alex Williams

    We do not provide a link to this product because Agora only provide them to those making dedicated endorsements

    Key Info

    Publisher:  Agora
    Cost:  £247 with a 60 Day Money back guarantee
    Review Date:  TO BE SCHEDULED

    What It Says On The Website

    Forensic FX is Alex Williams (the Forensic accountants) debut system (to the best of our knowledge) and “it’s based on years of personal research and testing”. It leads with the headline “I’ll show you how to make £210 each morning before the butter’s even melted on your toast”. It seems he’s been in the lab a little too long as he’s caught the “breakfast/shower/kettle boiling/cup of tea” bug AND the “effortless £40, £210 or £370 payout” bug too.

    The strategy itself is one Alex has been using for 18 months and apparently you “just check one super simple signal (the “LRS signal”)” at 7am each morning. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes, is completely Set & Forget and uses the “absolute safest risk-reward ratio possible”.

    A 70% strike rate is mentioned as is the fact that “you don’t need to know anything about ‘forex’. ‘trading’ or ‘the markets’ to profit from this”.

    Performance wise, the strategy made £19,770 over 16 months (June 2012 – September 2013) based on £10 stakes. This is amazing…

    Let’s say we have £200 and risk 5% per trade (our £10 stake) – We are happy to have a high risk (5%) based on the 70% strike rate. Using these sums this equates to a return of 9,885% over 16 months and an impressive 617.81% a month. It also means that if you started with a £1,000 account and applied the same principles you’d be looking at a return of £98,850 in just 16 months!

    Too good to believe?

    Although this product is currently on our Request List until we schedule and complete our review – Do remember, your comments are important – If you have used or decide to use this product, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

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    I purchased this strategy end of February 2014 and I am yet to make any money. In fact I have lost a lot of money. The instructions are easy and straight forward but there are never any opportunities, I have lost faith in this system. Unfortunately I forgot to return it for my money back as I was working away from home for a while. To be fair I receive an honest email every week notifying me of what trading opportunities have been available and vis versa, so I know I have been following this correctly as so far whatever opportunities there have been to trade, they have made a loss. If you enter into this thinking you will make money by the click of the buy or sell button every morning, please think again.


    Thanks for the update – Much appreciated.

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