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    Fix The Markets Review

    To The Best Of Our Knowledge This Service Is No Longer Available

    Key Info

    Publisher:  Agora
    Cost:  £397 for the first year, £497 thereafter
    Review Date:  Launch (October) – December 2010

    What It Says On The Website

    Lee Moore is the same person that brought us FX Friday and this time it is a Fixed Odds Signal service on offer rather than a system.

    The main landing page for this Signal service seems to be following the latest fashion, it’s a video presentation rather than a text based promotional page. Although if you click to exit your browser window you will be taken to a text based promotional page which pretty much re-iterates the general content of the video presentation.

    The video is 35 minutes long. The primary focus is “fixing” yourself a £57, £84 or even £122 payout for less than 2 minutes effort. All that’s required to trade the service is a mobile phone and an internet connection, then it’s a case of being able to follow the simple instruction. Trade frequency is one or two a week, sometimes more.

    The service relates to a “river bank”, where you can stand on the river bank and watch the river below. It doesn’t matter how volatile or strong the current (markets) are, you will always stay dry. Fix The Markets does not claim that it will make you a millionaire, pay for your retirement or allow you to give up your day job. But, the tax free profits will take you longer to spend than make, “you may wish to buy that new coat” or “visit that fancy new restaurant”.

    In June, Lee explains that there were 5 trades taking less than 10 minutes (for the whole month) to act upon, for a tax free return of £302 – No losing trades. In July he explains that sometimes you can get splashed, there was a losing trade. However with 3 winning trades after this a return of £264 was made for the month.

    The service has a 87.5% strike rate and has not had a losing month in the past 12 months, to September 2010. It is “one of the easiest and safest ways to make money from the Forex markets you’ll ever come across”.

    Fix The Markets comes with:

    • Tutorial videos and a User guide, which “go through how everything works, from receiving my text message instruction, going online to place the trade and – most importantly – collecting your profit”
    • Weekly email update “that rounds up any trades that we’ve done that week and any action I think we might see the following week”

    Note: All payouts, it mentions towards the end of the videos, are based on £200 stakes.

    The service is provided free for 60 days (money debited after 30) and is backed by Agora.

    The Service

    The manual (downloadable pdf) provided (unusual that a Signal service requires a manual) is well written and will be particularly helpful to those new to Fixed Odds Trading. There is definition on the No Touch Bet type which Lee uses for the service, how to interpret the signals and also how to place your trade. All simple stuff and as we mentioned, probably only of use and interest to those new to this type of trading.

    Signals come Monday to Friday and between the hours of 08:00 and 21:00 (UK time we assume). Placing a trade is simple as the signals are crystal clear, both the email and SMS versions. To get the odds Lee gets you should react immediately but it’s not vital, sometimes we got slightly better odds sometimes worse but generally around the same return.

    Can It Work

    As mentioned above, this service had not a single losing month (October 2009 to September 2010). In October 2010 we were informed that there was one trade which was a winner so that too was a winning month. For review purposes we have reported performance based on the returns specified in the signals, our review started in November 2010.

    Here are the results:

    • November, 2 trades, one for a 30% return and one for a 35% return, both losing trades.
    • December, 2 trades again, both for a 30% return, one winning and one losing trade.

    This is a net loss of -£270 based on risking £100 (5% of capital) on each trade, or around -13.5% over 2 months.

    A lot less trades than we anticipated, we expected 1 or 2 a week (4 – 6 a month) and received just 4 over a 2 month period. Even more relevant is the fact that just one of these trades won meaning both months were losing months.

    This is a rather disappointing start, we will cover this service for one more month and report back at the end of January. We estimate that we need 9 winning trades in a row to return to break-even, something last seen before we had access to the service back in Q3 2010.


    Good, informative and usually within 24 hours.


    • Crystal clear easy to execute signals and very well documented.

    • Not many signals, average two a month during our exposure.
    • Low Risk:Reward 3 – 4 : 1 (e.g. £200 : £60)
    • (Very) poor performance since launch and needs a string of winners now just to return to break-even.

    Do remember, your comments are important – If you have used or decide to use this service, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

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    Systems For Traders had to be rebuilt in 2013

    This is a selection of key posts and comments
    From the original forum



    This year to date (17th February) we have had just 4 trades:

    • January, 2 trades, both winners, both for a 30% return.

    • February, 2 trades again, both losers this time.

    This is a net loss of -£160 based on risking £100 (5% of capital) on each trade, or around -8%. Since we started coverage we are now running at a 20% or so loss over 4 months.

    It is now going to be even more difficult to get back to positive territory, looked good in January but February has disappointed again.

    We estimate at least 15 or so winning trades in a row are now required to take us back to break-even assuming an average 30% return per signal.

    We will of course report back at the end of February and March.



    Since our interim February update there has been one more Fix The Markets trade, it was a losing trade:

    • February 2011, 3 trades, all losers.

    That’s a net loss -15%, based on 5% risk per trade.

    We estimate at least 19 out of the next 20 trades must be winners just to get us back to break-even assuming an average 30% return per signal.

    We have decided to cease coverage of this service.

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    FYI – This service has just been renamed as “the new and improved Reaction Forex service”!


    We have been informed that some consider the above review massively out of date, we do hope those that subscribed managed the 19 out of 20 winning trades to return to break-even before it was re-badged “Reaction Forex”, here is a link to our up to date Reaction Forex Review

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    And also receive an email every time we post a new review

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