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Systems For Traders | Excelsior DOW Signal Service Review – Cameron Malik

Excelsior DOW Signal Service Review – Cameron Malik

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    Hardly credible eh?

    People are free to make their own minds up. All I can say is that it worked (and is still doing so) for me and I’m still using it. There is a money back guarantee and I’ve had no reason to claim under this, so what’s not to like?

    I haven’t broken it all down like they did in the review, because life isn’t long enough. But I do trust the guys who run the service and this is all somebody new can ask for.

    I was sold on the Piper accreditation, which is good enough for me.


    We will just post our final view again as it seems to have been overlooked. Agreed we are ALL entitled to make our own minds up and where finances are concerned ONLY the credible and sensible ones believe life is long enough – Just our opinion…

    Those joining this service at the beginning of August 2013 and trading it to the end of the year (we measured up until 20-Dec-13) would have made a return of just 1.43% based on 2% risk per trade. This equates to about 0.3% per month and is a long way off the 7% average (before we started coverage) mentioned above. Taking fees into account (about £450) it means that over this 5 month period a £25,000 account would be in negative territory.

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    Anyone looking for a service should consider Forex Johns Trading with confluence service, here is the link – http://forexuseful.com/product/trading-with-confluence-twc-daily-analysis-service – and if you are looking for credibility check his free ebook – http://forexuseful.com/product/trading-with-confluence-the-foundations-ebook



    Well, there you are techy- the review speaks for itself. This has been done without fear or favour and speaks volumes. Malik does not know the Dow like the back of his hand as he claims and the performance bears this out. He’s part of a band of guys flogging a uni grad course @£12k for the 12mth term but you will be making ten times that at the finish. Hopefully you’ve signed up for this.



    Hi Vin, saw your posts, been with Cameron’s service for almost a year now, give or take a couple months. Started off amazing up +30% in 3 months then it slowed down a hell of a lot in the autumn but I am up about 1/3rd in first few months of 2014.

    As with all trading systems you need to look at the longer term and not such a small window of time. For the minimal amount of time needed its a nice little earner. I just renewed for the year, hope others who really use the service make a comment.

Viewing 5 posts - 36 through 40 (of 50 total)

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