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Diff Code Europe Review – Martin Carter

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    Diff Code Europe Review – Martin Carter

    Click below to visit the website

    Key Info

    Publisher:  Thames Publishing
    Cost:  £297 with a 45 Day Money back guarantee
    Review Date:  December 2014 – Ongoing

    What It Says On The Website

    This is, to the best of our knowledge site Martin Carters third product to hit the market. Other products we are aware of, no longer available are the Mean Reversion (MRP) Strategy (here’s our original review) and the Daily Index Trader (once again, here’s our original review). As far as we are aware, neither of these stood the test of time, we base this on the fact they are no longer available, so the main question has to be – Can Diff Code Europe stand the test of time?

    Martin opens up the sales page by exclaiming that he is “furious that so called ‘experts’ are actively encouraging home traders to take crazy gambles with their money”.

    Over a 5 month period Diff Code Europe had a 75% win rate and a return of, if it is was annualised, that would equate to 278%. It is confirmed that this strategy requires less than 5 minutes effort each morning and doesn’t even use a chart. Absolutely zero trading experience is required, in fact it’s as simple as “getting online and clicking a few buttons while sipping your morning coffee before 8am”.

    It is confirmed that Diff Code Europe (like his previous two products) is based on trading the CAC and the DAX. So, just like its two predecessors the Diff Code Europe is another attempt to profit by taking once a day, set and forget, CAC/DAX related positions. This quote from the Daily Index Trader sales page seems familiar “Martin doubled his money on this mistake, so ran a few tests and discovered ‘this payout is so consistent and reliable that it’s happened 76% of the time since I started live trading back on 29 September 2009’”. Once again, the main question has to be – Can Diff Code Europe stand the test of time.

    As mentioned above the system does comes with a 45 day money back guarantee, so at least you can “try before you buy”, click HERE.

    The Material

    A 47 page manual which opens, as one would expect, with an introduction to the Diff Code Europe strategy. It is confirmed that unlike the previous two offerings (MRP and the Daily Index Trader) this strategy has two distinct differences:

    • It is based on a daily signal obtained from the members area, rather than having to read and interpret charts
    • It is based on trading the “diff”, the DAX/CAC differential instrument, rather than taking 2 opposing trades on the individual indices

    The daily signal (obtained from the members area) will be Green/Red/Amber – Go Long, Go Short, No trade (open no new trades and/or close all open trades).

    Risk:Reward identified in the example trades in the manual specify Stops of 131/77/114 and Targets of 65/38/57 respectively. This means a Risk:Reward profile of 2:1 and does mean that the current 73% win rate mentioned in the manual is imperative to the success of this strategy. In fact any dip below 65% means the strategy would be unprofitable. This is a big ask in that the system must win something like 2 out of every 3 trades.

    Risk per trade seems to be 5%.

    There is an (optional) advanced section, “it is not necessary to use any of these charting tools to make the strategy work for you”, so we didn’t implement it – See below for our reasoning.

    Recommended time to trade is 07:05 – 07:55 UK Local time.

    The “secret code” (the formula behind the members area calculations) is available at the end of the 45 money back guarantee period. This would mean that users of the strategy would not have to pay the optional ongoing £12.50 per month for the members area access. 6 months access is included in the initial purchase price.

    The System

    The system itself is really simple and easy to understand. Because there are no charts to read (all the information to trade is displayed in the members area) it’s also really simple and easy to execute.

    We logged into the members area usually around 7:15 and traded as per the instructions. This meant opening a new Long or Short trade (using the Stops/Targets specified) and/or closing open trades.

    It is worthy of note that even absolute beginners should get a firm grasp of this within a few days or so, it really is simple.

    Can It Work

    As mentioned above, all our results are (and will be) based on us trading at or around 07:15, it’s just the time that suits us best. As also mentioned above, we ignored the optional advanced section, this is because it introduces elements of discretion which for the purposes of result recording, we wanted to avoid.

    The performance results on the website (the annualised 278%) are based on 5% risk per trade. With the potential to have up to 3 open trades at a time in the same direction on one instrument we just considered 15% too much and 7.5% more acceptable. For this reason we chose to risk 2.5% per trade.

    We will record our results, as best possible, on a weekly basis. We welcome others to also post their weekly/monthly results. We would also be most interested to hear from anyone still trading either of the previous strategies (MRP and Daily Index Trader)



    Quick, courteous and useful.



    • Really simple and easy to set up and execute.
    • Less than a couple of minutes effort once a day around 07:15.
    • 100% mechanical, Set & Forget.


    • That low Risk:Reward 2:1 meaning a stike rate of 65%+ is required.
    • This is the third system by the same author based on the same (OK, maybe “tweaked” would be a better word) theory.

    Do remember, your comments are important, if you decide to purchase this system, please support us by using our link and by reporting back your findings, both are valuable to us and the service.

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    Our results for December can now be confirmed.

    We started on 9-Dec-2014 and traded over the holiday period (Martin did warn that it could be volatile but did not advise not to trade, so in the interests of getting the review done, we did) and we are reporting based on a £10,000 account and 2.5% risk per trade.

    7 trades taken, 2 winners and 5 losers.

    Starting bank balance = £10,000
    Account balance at the end of December = £9,559.26
    Loss for the period = -4.4%

    We are currently monitoring January and will report back when results can be confirmed – Sign up HERE to ensure you receive our newsletter.

    If you wish to try the Diff Code Europe risk free for 45 days and share your views with us you can get a copy HERE

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    I see this system is once again from Thames Publishing i.e Mark Rose which is fast becoming a “systems warehouse” from the number sold over the last couple of years.I haven’t tried them and certainly have no axe to grind as Mark always offers a money back guarantee and appears a decent guy.
    However I glance at the site periodically as yet another system hits the internet and notice a distinct pattern.Mark promotes a particular system and does updates of his results over a period of a few months before the system is launched.The results are always impressive and very profitable.I then notice that after launch customers leave comments saying they are not making anything like Marks results and wonder what they are doing wrong etc.Of course we all know that you can give a good system to a group of people and some will make money and some will lose money it’s the nature of the game but i am highly suspicious of these types of systems….Just my thoughts Thanks.


    Thanks for the feedback it’s not been a great start for us, we continue to monitor and as mentioned welcome others to share their experiences.

    Members can post and subscribe to threads like this one

    And also receive an email every time we post a new review

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    I traded the diff code around a year to 18 months ago when the recommended broker was ETX-Capital taking independent buys and sells of the two index’s and I made a small profit, however Martin then recommended moving to Capital Spreads as the trades could be taken as a single trade. From that time onwards it was mostly downhill.
    I decided to call it a day at around a £200 loss (20% of the betting bank).

    They were also pushing an oil diff code for a reduced price but I didn’t take them up on that.

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