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Systems For Traders | Crowd Money Review – Eoin Treacy

Crowd Money Review – Eoin Treacy

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    Crowd Money Review – Eoin Treacy

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    Crowd Money Review - Eoin Treacy

    About The Author

    Eoin Treacy is a career analyst, writer, strategist, commentator and lecturer. Following a degree in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin where he first came into contact with crowd psychology, propositional and modal logic. Eoin’s thirst for an intellectual challenge took him to Bloomberg where he joined the Benelux Sales team. He spent nearly four years managing a $10 million dollar account, gaining expertise in every aspect of the Bloomberg system, teaching seminars across Europe and furthering his study of market psychology and technical analysis. On joining the Dutch sales team in 2003, Eoin attended a seminar taught by David Fuller showcasing his approach to market analysis and was inspired by what he learned. He soon joined the Fullermoney Global Strategy Service, to work with David Fuller and specialise in the service’s unique approach to research – combining technical, fundamental and behavioural factors – covering global stock markets, government bonds, currencies and commodities.

    Eoin is a daily contributor to FTMoney’s written and audio commentary. He was instrumental in designing the service’s fully customisable chart library containing more than 12,000 instruments, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, just about every to stock market index as well as funds, spreads, ratios and multiples.

    He took The Chart Seminar over from David in 2007 and has taken it on sell-out tours to the USA, UK, Australia and Singapore since. In more than 43 years of The Chart Seminar, there has never been a companion guide to the unique approach to market analysis showcased at the workshop. Eoin wrote Crowd Money – a Practical guide to Macro Behavioural Technical Analysis to highlight FTMoney’s methodology and to provide real world examples of how FTMoney’s long-term themes are developed.

    Eoin is globally recognised for his encyclopaedic knowledge of asset classes, sectors and thematic investing. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, appeared on radio stations such as the BBC World Service and Ireland’s TodayFM, is regularly interviewed by Jim Puplava for Financial Sense Online and is regularly interviewed on financial news channels such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, CNBC India, NDTV Profit and StockTube.com,

    In his spare time Eoin is an avid scuba diver and has travelled the world in search of the big pelagics. He is never happier than when spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

    On The Back Cover

    Finding the next major bull market shares

    Have you ever wondered what the world’s largest investors rely on to make their decisions? Analysts David Fuller and Eoin Treacy count some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, traders and investors as subscribers. Their approach to measuring the rhythm of the market has been the secret weapon of alpha generators for decades. Now for the first time a book is available that sets out the approach to market analysis they employ on a daily basis at FT-Money.com using macro, behavioural, fundamental and technical cues. At the heart of this approach is a groundbreaking application of the insights of crowd psychology to financial markets, underpinned by a factual use of technical analysis.

    Above all, Fuller and Treacy’s approach reveals something astonishing taking place in the markets right now. We are living in one of the most exciting periods of human history: a confluence of powerful themes is setting the stage for a major secular bull market in the decade 2015 to 2025. In the meantime, interest rates will need to normalise, which is likely to provide everyone with an unmissable buying opportunity. Crowd Money closes by revealing over 125 shares ideally placed to be the global bull market stars of tomorrow.


    The opening chapter sets the theme for the rest of the book as Eoin identifies his “four pillars of macro behavioural technical analysis” (for a Bull market):

    • Theme/Fundamental value – A sound fundamental story must exist
    • Liquidity – There has to be money available
    • Governance – Favourable government policies
    • Price Action – The ultimate reality check

    Chapters 2 – 6 cover Chart reading (Eoin prefers this term to “Technical analysis”), crowds and the psychological perception stages of Bull and Bear markets. Chapter 6 in particular is an excellent read in its description of market cycle (stages); Disbelief/Dismissal, Acceptance, Euphoria, The Turn, Acceptance (again) and finally, Depression.

    The subject matter then becomes more technical as key matters relating to Chart reading are discussed, Support & Resistance, Breakouts, Consistency characteristics and Moving Averages.

    Various Stop losses are discussed and what’s interesting is how/when/why the Stop loss can be tailored as a trade moves through its various market cycle stages. Many struggling with Stop management will find much of interest in this chapter. The Trend ending sections that follow provide further assistance with Stop management as one prepares for, what should be, the final stage when in a Long position.

    The fundamental section, if that’s what I can call it, then takes precedent. Eoin identifies covers Monetary policy, Governance and Regulations and identifies how these key areas affect and have affected different markets through various major market cycles.

    The remaining quarter of the book is where the investment focus really comes into play and the technical and fundamentals are combined to examine “autonomies”. Eoin defines an autonomy as a company which:

    • Is multi-national and highly exposed to the growth of the global consumer
    • Has a high degree of commonality in it’s share performance
    • Has a long record of maintaining and increasing it’s dividend

    Think, McDonalds, Diageo, Nestle, Colgate Palmolive, Nike, Toyota, Rolls Royce, RDSB, etc.

    “Supplying the goods and services facilitating an improving standard of living for hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people. They are the financial representation of the greatest urbanisation in history, technology’s golden age and the beneficiaries of the boom in unconventional oil and gas production”.

    Many of these companies (Eoin covers at least 100 of them in detail) “have already broken upwards to new all-time highs, represent leadership and establishing secular bull markets”.

    If you, like I, believe in Eoin’s outlook then this book is an absolute must for you. If you do not share Eoin’s view and you are serious about investing then this book is also an absolute must for you. Of course this book is much more appropriate to investing than trading. However, even those who have just the slightest interest in trading will find the Price action (technical) section, about half the book’s content, more useful than most other books supposedly dedicated to the subject.

    Click image to purchase
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    Crowd Money Review - Eoin Treacy

    You can buy this and many other Trading related books at the Systems For Traders Bookshop

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