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    Bread And Butter Trader Review – Mark Rose

    Click below to visit the website

    Key Info

    Publisher:  Thames Publishing
    Cost:  £297 with a 42 Day Money back guarantee
    Review Date:  TO BE SCHEDULED

    What It Says On The Website

    Mark Rose is a trader and financial journalist of many years and it was only after being able to create alerts for his system (which he has been using for over 5 years) that he decided to release it and share it with the general public. His wife was the guinea pig and after seeing her success (using the alerts) he launched the Bread And Butter Trader product.

    With 650 of these systems sold already the headline is “Join the 650 traders who have already been using this technique to pick up £100 and £200 payouts several times each day”!

    There will be no chart watching as “you’ll be alerted whenever a trading opportunity is about to happen”.

    There is no guess work, “You get your signal, log on to your account and place your trade” and then there’s not even any need to watch your trade.

    Best of all you can trade anytime, morning or afternoon and for as long as you want. The strategy is also applicable across many markets and time frames. Mark concentrates on the major currency pairs, European indices and the DOW because these markets have the tightest spread and time frame wise, he states that anything from the 5 to 30 minute chart can be used.

    The Bread And Butter Trader system aims to always make twice the reward, compared to initial risk, per trade and the 42 Day Money back guarantee is backed by Thames Publishing.

    Although this product is currently on our Request List until we schedule and complete our review – Do remember, your comments are important – If you have used or decide to use this product, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

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