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Systems For Traders | Ad Break Trader Review – Jason Alexander

Ad Break Trader Review – Jason Alexander

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    Hello SFT, please could you tell me which system you are referring to here:
    “60% return per month, 2 minutes a day, just plug this USB drive into your computer, £247 with 90 day money back guarantee, you could make £123, £175 or even £538 a week …”
    Thank you.

    Take your pick, there are many of them out there using terms similar to the above, we were simply inferring that the No Indicators Trading Strategy does not use or need to use such terms.

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    Thank you for the prompt reply. I will definitely give NITS a try.



    Thank you for this review – its been very helpful. I purchased this system a couple of months ago. I am totally new to this and have no previous experience of any kind. I traded with a demo account for a few weeks and followed instructions and listened to the morning review of previous nights trading but my results and Jasons just didnt match. I then went live and lost £100 in about 48hrs – time for a re- think! I then bought Bedtime Trader, found this forum and sent it back! The good thing about Adbreak Trader is I now know some basics. Can anyone recommend a system that is profitable, easy and is suitable for someone starting out with a very small bank. I dont expect riches but would like to be able to earn an extra £500-£1000 per month eventually. Is that wildly unrealistic? I have an account with IG and have a couple of weeks left on 50p per pip. I would prefer to use my Macbook but have an old pc I could use if necessary. I also have an account with Agoras recommended broker but havent tried it.
    Many Thanks


    I would advisedly point out that there is no ‘easy’ trading system anywhere on Earth. Having studied ways of trading the money markets for the past seven years I can truly say that the deeper you go into it the more you need to learn. Never follow a system so slavishly that you ignore the economic trends and influences in which it has to function. For example, over the past couple of months or so, the world financial markets have been extremely volatile, so don’t try and trade at such times! Even Jason A would not do that. Every system will fail when the market movers are playing games with each other. No-one but no-one stands a chance at such times – stay out…out!! Finance houses are moving trillions upon trillions of dollars remember. I would also recommend learning about candle charting in general if you are a newbie. The website Babypips is excellent for this purpose; it is well structured and free of charge. There you will learn what the different visual signals actually mean, after which I believe using someone’s pre-designed system will begin to make sense (and later, some money). I’m afraid it is a long, hard slog, there are no short cuts; true, of course, whenever a new body of knowledge has to be acquired in Life!



    As someone who knows that virtually every “sold” system is a pile of poo, I shouldn’t really be tempted to order these things, but I do! Curiosity will eventually kill this cat. If it’s any consolation, I always send them back. On the odd occasion, I do learn something that helps my trading.

    I must say that Ad Break Trader is probably the worst such “system” I have sampled. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t work (minor issue, I know), I really couldn’t cope with the attitude of the bloke behind it. Sitting through videos with him yawning while he tried to retro-fit his trades was just too much for me and I had to ask for a refund after a couple of weeks. The support was dreadful too. I asked for details of historic and current results to be posted and was told these were not available. Nuff said!

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 22 total)

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