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    A few weeks ago I took the course and I can only recommend it for as well beginning as experienced traders.

    Allthough that I don’t trade this system myself, I did took a lot of elements out of it and converted it to my own trading system.

    I have followed many courses in the past and allthough I learned something from every course, I would advice others to at least start with this one (probably you don’t need another after it).

    His method contains a lot of strong aspects. He filters out a lot of obvious mistakes and keep it very simple, which is really important. Also the fact that it is a set-and-forget system makes it very powerful, because you avoid a lot of psychological errors.

    If you have read his free ebook and question yourself if his course and coaching is added value then I can definately say yes!

    Allthough I don’t really think it is an issue if Andy is nice or not, I assume you pay for his knowledge, my experience is very positive and I think he is one of the few people who is selling a course, but is above a trader himself.

    If it wasn’t clear yet: Highly recommended!

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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