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Systems For Traders | 3 Ducks 1 On 1 Training Course Review (revised in 2013)

3 Ducks 1 On 1 Training Course Review (revised in 2013)

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    Thanks for the update we look forward to hearing how you get on – Thanks – ReviewTeam

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    I took the course in January 2013 and as you can see I waited and tested long enough to be able to give you a review deeper than “Andy was very nice”.
    As most of you here I was in love with the original 3 ducks system and even to this day I use the philosophy behind it – with some major modifications however.
    The course didn’t go as expected. Andy was not nice as most reviews here say. In fact Andy was RUDE. At one point he got really annoyed by the refresh sound of the browser, coming from the virtual class room he directed me to. Andy decided I was recording him and threatened to stop the course. That was not what I would call “nice”, especially after you have wired the money and expect to receive a life changing knowledge. Few minutes later a neighbour started working with a drilling machine which really freaked out Andy. Anyway – was unpleasant.
    I tested the system between Feb 2013 – May 2013 which resulted in 30% loss. Not that there is something wrong with the system. Only the trader did not mention that as this is a Trend following system, a major factor for a Trend system is to have a Trend, and what do you know – the 3 ducks may agree in a ranging market as well. You need additional trend indicator to make this system work.
    I don’t regret the money I spent but I consider it a tribute to the publishing the original 3 ducks system and not so much for the course. I am sorry Andy but this is the truth.
    Not to make the review negative I must say that even to this day I receive his newsletter every now and then. It means Andy is still active in FX and course selling business after 2 years. Hope the attitude also improved.



    If you are a new forex trader you really need to start here.The methodology is clear and gets your focus exactly where it needs to be on price action at the hard right edge of the chart and its here where you get to make the system your own and that will take some practice. That is why the follow up part of the course is so essential as Andy takes you through current set ups and you get to see the nauenced approach to trade entry of a professional trader on a live chart. I found Andy to be extremely friendly and helpful and happy to share his knowledge.


    Turbo D

    I first found out about the Three Ducks after searching for new trading systems. I was going to give it a go just using the free ebook but over that weekend I discovered the Advanced Three Ducks course, saw that it was a set and forget approach and decided to go for it. And boy am I glad I did!

    First off you receive access to the videos and a detailed pdf explaining how to trade the Advanced Three Ducks system. Pretty straightforward stuff, especially if you go over the videos two or three times, you’ll pick it up in no time.

    So I started using the system straight away and my first two trades were both losses – unavoidable with any trading system – but I stuck with it and within no time I had made back those losses and finished the month 8.7% up and I’ve been having good results since then. Over the months it is becoming clear that I have a mathematical advantage that I didn’t have before.

    I purposely didn’t arrange the one on one classroom session until I had traded the system for a few months to get a feel for it, because I was then able to ask Andy specific questions, which he took the time to answer in detail. The hour flew by.

    I have to recommend the Advanced Three Ducks course because, as well as giving you confidence it is a consistent approach and a consistent approach produces consistent results.

    Thanks Captain!



    It was largely because of these reviews that I purchased Andy’s Advanced 3 Ducks System and now I wish I had done it years ago.
    I am not a novice to Forex as I have looked at many systems in the past 10 years but found none which enabled me to be consistently profitable even on a demo account.
    Andy’s system is very straightforward and has transformed my trading. I have done my due diligence performing plenty of backtesting and then trading it forward for 3 months on a demo account.
    I can report that for the first time I am consistently profitable. That does not mean I win every trade but the method keeps me out of enough bad trades and points me towards enough good trades to give me the trading edge.
    The course is simple and well explained and in the 1 to 1, I learned so more much information concerning the method, money management and general trading as to be invaluable.

    Highly recommended.

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