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Systems For Traders | 3 Ducks 1 On 1 Training Course Review (revised in 2013)

3 Ducks 1 On 1 Training Course Review (revised in 2013)

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    I have known about Andy’s trading method since 2009.
    I took my Advanced 1 on 1 training with My Captain on 29/04/2014 at 9pm Johannesburg, South African time. This was after 3 failed attempts due to my headphones not working. Being such a patient gentleman that he is. He kept on emailing me to see what was wrong. I am very impressed as most people often don’t care! I explained to him that my headphones were failing me.
    I was impressed by Andy’s methodology and military precision to trading explaining the most critical elements of the strategy which the free 3 ducks in a row free e-book doesn’t get into. He literally went through the entire course material in an hour and twenty minutes. Having gone thru’ his course prior to the skype course, Traders this is forex made easy. Look no further, this is it!
    I demo traded a $50K account and took it to $650K in under under a year in 2013 using the free e-book. I immediately knew that this how I wanted to trade after having previously blown $25K in 2010 on a live account without a proper system and having hopped from one system to another.
    I have also been receiving a weekly market analysis with top three pairs which really helps one understand the strategy. Honestly, the course material and the Advanced 1 on 1 are priceless. I will be once again be funding my live account with a decent sum of money knowing fully well that I will make a decent living trading forex professionally.

    Thank you so much Andy for making a difference in my trading life. I’m blessed to have taken your course!

    Yours in pips!




    Advanced 3 Ducks 1on1 training course

    Pros: Advanced pdf guide is layed out very well, each step by step video lesson is clear, short and to the point, explains and demonstrated the advanced set and forget approach superbly. Weekly reports are insightful and good for staying in touch and up to date, the live 1 on 1 classroom call with Andy is the butter on the bread, a nice touch and he is a natural teacher.

    Cons: a bit expensive for my budget, €300 but worth it for those who have cash on the hip.

    In Dec 2013 I bit the bullet and bought the advanced course, I had already got a good grip of the basic 3 Ducks e-Book which I’d read umpteen times. After the purchase I was quickly emailed my personalise Advanced guide that was password protected with instructions on how to access all the video lessons which are also password protected.

    After quickly scanning the material I jumped in, the time flew by, hearing the Captains voice and seeing him demonstrate this logical approach ment I could sit back relax and jot down a few side notes. I’ve now lost count how many times I have watched each of the video lessons which is a great feature where you can go back over certain lessons or the entire course if you desire. By the way you could take the course, watch all the video lessons in a couple of hours.

    The 1 on 1 classroom call proved to be a nice touch, I actually though I didn’t need it but it proved to be a very education 60 minutes where I picked up tips and wisdom from Captain Currency.

    Those traders who take this training, have realist expectations and a grasp of discipline will be well advanced on the path of professional trading.

    J Leigh, May 2014.



    My brother referred me to the the 3 ducks and I was intrigued. I am a complete newbie and thought why not.

    The course material is easy to follow, they come in the form of PDF’s followed up by a video. Makes it easy to understand . I have still to do the call.

    Then I started using the 3 ducks ( on a demo account at the moment) and made some good gains, but I still think I need a little more practice before I go live.

    I needed something that could work for me while I was away to work, and this seems like it will do the the trick.



    Hi All
    what is the new or different point between trading and free eBook?

    so called 3 Ducks is multi time frame confirmation, not a system.
    I would like to understand what is the real things beyond e-book.




    Been following the 3 ducks method on babypips thread for a while. But never managed to trade the method because I was never at the computer when trades became available. So I decided to buy the advanced course a couple of weeks ago. Paid for it in the evening , when I checked my email in the morning the course was sitting in my inbox!!

    Very easy to understand and I went through the whole thing within a couple of hours. Will wait till the new year for the skype call. I’ll start demo trading in a couple of week. Cant wait to put the method into practice!!

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 31 total)

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