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Systems For Traders | 3 Ducks 1 On 1 Training Course Review (revised in 2013)

3 Ducks 1 On 1 Training Course Review (revised in 2013)

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    All All very enlightening and thorough. I used the old version and found it a bit laborious. It would be an asset if an indicator was written to aid the checking of pairs.
    I’m having thoughts of buying the new version but the price dictates not at this time



    There is no way I would take Andy’s review course. I took the first course and have adapted it in much the same way it looks like he is now selling. 2nd Duck (1 Hour – Price confirmation)
    • 3rd Duck (Entry – 1 Hour/5 Minute). I do this already , and it needed to be done.

    Once you pay for your course and have had your tutorial Andy won’t be anywhere to be seen, except for his weekly review, which is average at best. I think its rude of Andy to ask for more money for his review course considering there is no follow up or after support.



    Took the original 3 ducks course which made trading very simple so was not sure what the new version could add but decided to take the 1 to 1 with Andy as I was curious and was really glad I did. Went through the new course with live charts and Andy answering all questions I had, I am now lot more confident in my trading decisions with a trading account actually growing



    I am relatively new to trading and was recommended to the 3 Ducks System by a fellow novice trader. I find the system logical and easy to follow which is ideal for beginners such as myself. One can get bombarded with a huge amount of information, much of which can be conflicting and confusing, resulting in getting yourself into unprofitable trades or exiting profitable trades too early.

    I recently completed the 1-on-1 Training Course with Andy for the Advanced System which I found very helpful. It enabled me to identify some of the errors I was making in applying the system and has helped me to streamline my approach in a logical and controlled manner.

    I like Andy’s style of teaching. He gets his message across in a very relaxed and straightforward manner and doesn’t confuse you with a lot of ‘jargon’. His notes are excellent and easy to follow and the videos are a very useful resource which clearly demonstrates the points covered in the notes.

    One of the difficulties I was experiencing was allowing the trades to run for 24 hours which is an essential part of the 3 Ducks System. Having completed the course I fully understand the benefits of allowing the trades to run and I now have the confidence to ‘Set and Forget’ for 24 hours. Following completion of the course and having disciplined my self to ‘follow the rules’ I’m very satisfied with the improvements to my trading results.

    Having completed the course you also receive ongoing support from Andy in the form of:
    > Notes on a Mini Trading Plan
    > Weekly email at the weekend with commentary on the week just ended and his suggestions for the week ahead.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the 3 Ducks System and with the Training and Support provided by Andy.



    I consider myself a forex newbie even if I have been trading forex for 2 years.

    When I first entered the forex world I was like every newbie that comes to this world. I tried to find the holy grail that will help get a decent chunk from the forex industry every now and then. I soon realised that such thing didn’t existed so I tried to find a system that can help me make some profit by following a set of guidelines. As I am a bit busy I can’t follow the fundamental news so I always prefered some technical analysis.

    I found the original version of the three ducks through another forum and I sent an email to Andy to sent me a copy of the ebook. After reading it couple of times, I started implementing the guidelines in a demo account and made a decent profit. The eureka moment came just then. Thats so easy. Its like stealing a candy from a baby. Terrific.

    After trying to trade with real money things didn’t go as expected as now I was emotionally attached with my trades as it was my money at stake and not virtual money. I was trading water for quite a while so I decided to give the advanced version a go.

    After exchanging some emails with Captain we have arranged the classroom call. I still remember 2 years after how excited I was the night before that I couldn’t sleep. I was also afraid that I wouldn’t speak at all as I have never spoken with a forex expert before. Well Andy made me feel extra comfortable in the call and he sounded like a very nice guy.

    After explaing me the advanced approach and help me identify my 3 top pairs for the day ahead, he sent me the notes where everything he chat about was there.

    The last year I havent traded forex at all as I was busy with my studies. One day I checked my inbox and saw an e-mail from Andy about the so called “refresher course”. Another Eureka moment. I went for the cheaper version as I thought having the the call again wouldn’t help me that much. Andy then sent me the updated course with links to some videos.

    I have to admit that the refresher course does exactly what it says on the tin. It helped also to boost my confidence after the long break so I was now ready to start again. The videos are excellent, they explain everything in detail and personally I prefer watching them than reading just the notes out of the ebook.

    All in all, I would like to recommend the advanced version of the 3 Ducks trading system by Captain Currency as it has helped me involved as a trader and I think its an easy follow system who anyone can follow. Even a newbie like me.

    Thanks for sharing the system Andy.

Viewing 5 posts - 6 through 10 (of 31 total)

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