Cameron Malik Excelsior DOW

Cameron Malik – DOW Trader Author Profile

Cameron now considers himself “a successful (professional) trader specialising on the US Dow Jones 30 index”. He has made the team of two, John Piper and Mark Austin, a team of three. The happy team have all allocated themselves “middle names” as follows:

• John “The Way To Trade” Piper,
• Mark “Mr. FTSE” Austin and finally,
• Cameron “Mr. Dow” Malik

Cameroon started trading in 2010 and after being unsuccessful he went looking for a mentor. He found two, John Piper and Mark Austin. Inspired by them he “took their recipe” and came up with a system of his own which, as his middle name suggests, was based on trading the DOW. He took his system to John and Mark for discussion.

Having “perfected a simple trading system” the team launched the Excelsior Dow Signal Service in Q3 2013 – Here is the link to our review.

Note: None of the above is our personal opinion, the above profile has been constructed from various sources we found on the internet whilst researching the author.

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